Top 10 Foods Include in Your Pre Workout Meal

Top 10 Foods for Pre Workout MealThe workout has become a necessity in one’s lifestyle today for the simple reason that we consume junk food on a regular basis. And if you don’t sweat it out in the gym or by aerobic exercises, it will cost your health in the long run. Now, whether you like hitting the gym or not, you need to be aware of a few things and one of them is the food you consume before and after a workout.

1. Bananas:


2. Fruit/Nut Bars:


3. Greek Yoghurt:


4. Avocados:


5. Oats:


6. Wholegrain Bread:


7. Green Tea:


8. Almond Butter:


9. Black Coffee:


10. Nuts & Seeds:


With these super foods add some pre workout supplements that will fuel up your body for a longer duration and will offer you superior energy levels for the workout.

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