Virat Kohli’s Workout & Diet Plan

Dedicated players are hard to miss, no matter which sport they take up. Currently Cricket is holding the limelight where England is touring India. Out of the current crop of Indian cricketers, Virat Kohli the Indian Captain looks the fittest. Thanks to his daily workout and fitness regime, he has maintained a lean body with ample power for his shots and flexible body for athletic fielding. All athletes are curious to know about Virat Kohli’s Fitness Regime and pre- and post-workout diet details.

#1 Dry Fruits and Coffee, his preferred Pre-Workout Food

#2 Boiled Vegetables and Low Fat Food at Lunch

#3 Avoid Outside Food As Far As Possible

#4 Hit the Gym Five Days A Week And Balance Your Available Time

#5 Look For Protein Based Dishes When Eating Out

#6 A Combination of Cardio and Weights Always Helps

#7 Drink Enough Water And Protect Yourself From Water Borne Diseases

#8 Keep Your Slips To A Little

#9 Observe Your Increased Stamina

#10 Better Immunity

For More Information Visit Here: Virat Kohli Workout & Diet Plan


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