Muscle Building Tips for Beginners

Muscle Building Tips for Beginners

Youngsters dream of their bodybuilding icons. They are always on the lookout of achieving those bodies. Today we give some bodybuilding tips for beginners to get them on the right track. We also guide you how to excel in weight lifting in the gyms and what a beginner bodybuilding breakfast is. You need a different mindset to pursue this way of living. All newcomers into this new field should understand the bodybuilding beginner routine so that once understood they can stick to their plan and excel in all departments.

1. Start with Dumbbells and barbells only

2. Be punctual

3. Compound Exercises Come Much Later

4. Lift only when asked for

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Top 5 Casein Protein Supplements

Top 5 Casein Protein Supplements

It will be better if you gather some information on what is casein protein and what benefits different brands bring with them.

Great for Muscle Building and Recovery

A good protein powder prevents muscle breakdown from heavy workouts. It maintains healthy protein balance, vital for muscle growth & recovery. If taken at the right time, casein makes a very effective protein in enhancing muscle-building efforts. Pure Casein is less excreted and more absorbed giving desired lean muscle mass.

#1 ON Gold Standard 100% Casein


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#2 BigMuscles Micellar Protein


#3 Combat 100% Casein from MusclePharm


#4 Dymatize Elite Casein


#5 Universal Nutrition Casein Pro

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10 Best Foods for 6-Pack Abs

10 Best Foods for 6-Pack Abs

You may know that “water builds muscles” and “muscles are built in kitchen” but do you know that both are ineffective if you just cannot melt the fat behind which your abs are hiding. Dude you should pep your metabolism up and look for healthy food for six pack abs first and then think how to make best use of them.

#1 Lean Poultry to your Rescue

#2 Whole wheat Pasta

#3 Legumes to your rescue

#4 Eggs

#5 Oats

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10 Reasons – Never Skip Legs Workout

never-skip-legsLegs are your important body part. Exercising legs passes the benefit to other body parts and they rejoice too. Many people are confused on Leg Day Exercises and we show why it is important to pay attention to our legs and their internal parts.

#1 Reason: Stable Knees mean Stable Lifts

#2 Reason: Balancing Is The Key To Control Your Body

#3 Reason: Easy To Run Fast and Long!

#4 Reason: Good Digestion

#5 Reason: Shed Extra Kilos By Burning More Calories

#6 Reason: Easing Lower Back Pain, a Bonus from Leg Day

#7 Reason: Increase your Weight Training Ability

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6 Mass Gaining Tips

Experts are too busy to explain all the smaller things. Mostly they skip the essentials while bragging about the attractive terms. We have been through all these and thought why not put them here for our readers.

Some Tips from Our Side for Mass Gaining

  1. Eating for your Muscle is as good as Lifting for your Muscle

2. Calories are important but it does not end there

3. Give Top Priority to Proteins

4. Carbohydrate-Protein Rich Snack is the Key after Workouts

5. Water is the Unsung Hero!

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