5 Workouts for Best Triceps

triceps-exercisesTriceps literally means “three heads” on your arms. What many people forget that you need to focus more on triceps than biceps if bigger arms are on your priority list for long. To help you achieve this long-awaited demand, we show you the top five exercises for massive bulging triceps.
Top 5 Exercises for Best Triceps

#1 Skullcrusher

#2 Triceps Pressdown
#3 Triceps Dips
#4 Diamond Push-Ups
Use these exercises to your maximum benefit and we are sure you will flaunt your gains in a sleeveless shirt.
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Virat Kohli’s Workout & Diet Plan

Dedicated players are hard to miss, no matter which sport they take up. Currently Cricket is holding the limelight where England is touring India. Out of the current crop of Indian cricketers, Virat Kohli the Indian Captain looks the fittest. Thanks to his daily workout and fitness regime, he has maintained a lean body with ample power for his shots and flexible body for athletic fielding. All athletes are curious to know about Virat Kohli’s Fitness Regime and pre- and post-workout diet details.

#1 Dry Fruits and Coffee, his preferred Pre-Workout Food

#2 Boiled Vegetables and Low Fat Food at Lunch

#3 Avoid Outside Food As Far As Possible

#4 Hit the Gym Five Days A Week And Balance Your Available Time

#5 Look For Protein Based Dishes When Eating Out

#6 A Combination of Cardio and Weights Always Helps

#7 Drink Enough Water And Protect Yourself From Water Borne Diseases

#8 Keep Your Slips To A Little

#9 Observe Your Increased Stamina

#10 Better Immunity

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Easy Exercises to Stay Fit At Workplace

Staying fit is what today’s lifestyle sincerely demands. But everyone has some lame excuse or the other. Some criticize the high gym rates whereas some cite the distance problem. Others point to the difficult to understand meal plans. What everyone fails to note that staying unfit is not an option.

The List of Top 5 Exercises To Stay Fit At Your Workplace

1. Use The Staircase Especially After Lunch

2. Stretch Raise and Squat

3. Carry your files and Walk (even for no reason)

4. Stay Fit While You Sit

5. Jumping Jack Relieves the Back

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Best Pre and Post Workout Supplements Guide

All sportspersons including gymnasts, athletes, and bodybuilders carefully keep looking for supplements that enhance their workouts and take their body endurance to the next level. Initially whey protein does meet most of the needs, but beginners should know what other pre-workout and post workout supplements exist. So whenever the needs arise, you are ready to feed your body well in time.

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Tips to Motivate Yourself for Workout in Winter


Winter brings an abrupt change in weather and our behavior. More so if the change is drastic and suddenly you need to cover your body fully. We resent anything cold and suddenly warm and hot objects are preferred.

Top 5 Tips to Motivate Yourself for Workout in Winter

#1 Know what keeps you from moving out of bed

#2 The feeling of winning over winter

#3 Benefits of exercising in winters

#4 Foods to look for that you avoided during summers

#5 Beverages you can have only in winters

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